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Pastor’s Edition

Who is the Pastor's Edition of the matched4life app for?

This is only for Pastor’s who want to see singles in their church find suitable believing marriage partners. If you are a single looking for a believing partner,  register on the Single’s Edition of the matched4life app.

On what devices can I view the app?

The matched4life Pastor’s Edition app is a PWA (Progressive Web App). That means it will run on iOS, Android, laptop and tablet!

Why do I as a Pastor have to register?

One of the unique features of the matched4life marriage app is that every profile displayed is verified by a local church pastor. This helps to eliminate fake profiles. You as a church pastor have to confirm the profile details that singles from your church have uploaded.

How do I know my registration is complete?

A Pastor’s Code will be displayed on the app when you complete your registration. Additionally, an email will be sent to your registered email address with the details you have entered.


What do I do after completing my registration?

 After your registering yourself, you can share the app with other Pastors and Singles to help more people get matched for life. You can do so by:

1. On the Share SINGLES app tab use the Share button to share the matched4life app link to singles in your church.  They will then be able to upload their profiles and get them verifed by you.

2. On the Share PASTOR’s app tab, use the Share button to share the matched4life Pastor’s Edition  app link to pastors you know. 


How do I verify a profile?

Once your singles have registered on the app, the next step for them is to enter your Pastor Code and verify their profile. You will receive profiles of singles who have entered your Pastor Code by email. 

You can then either CONFIRM their profile to verify it or raise CONCERNS by clicking the option in the email you’ve received.


What do I need to verify?

You are confirming that the details submitted by the single such as their Name, Age, Gender, Marital Status, City of Residence, Background, Nationality, Education, Employment, Church Involvement, Church membership , Baptism Status and years since they have been a believer are accurate.

At this stage you are not recommending or rejecting them but only objectively authenticating the above details. 

What else can I see on the app?

We are releasing new features on the app. In subsequent releases, you will be able to view which Singles have used your Pastor Code and which Pastors have used your invite code. 

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