How do I know they are the one?

 Here is a series of Blogs that will help you know what to look for in a spouse.

When you are planning to do anything of significance or even buy anything valuable you would approach it with a mental list and ask  yourself whether what you see ticks the important boxes. Wouldn’t you agree?

It is the same when we are looking for a spouse-to-be. It would be foolish to say anything goes!! So, what are some of the boxes that need to be ticked?

What are some criteria you need to look for?


  • Both of you are Christians. i.e born-again, baptized by immersion, and Spirit-filled.
  • Strong/living Faith – They don’t just profess faith in Jesus but have an active living faith for which there is evidence e.g.) what is their involvement in the local church? Do they have a regular “quiet time of meditating on God’s Word? Does the Bible guide their decision making process?
  • Life Goals – Make sure you are on the same page where career, working after marriage (for the ladies), and starting a family are concerned.  If you are from different cities, who will move? Which church will you be a part of? Where will you live?
  • Financial stability – The person is not in debt, unemployed, or involved in any kind of fraud. Please do not lend money to any suitor in your courtship stage or do with in consultation with your family.
  • Some common interests – if you have nothing that you like to do in common what would a holiday look like or a day off?
  • Habits – They live self-controlled lives where they are not given to addictions or alcohol, drugs, nicotine, or pornography.

These are just some areas to look for in your spouse-to-be. This is an extract from “Matched For Life” By Colin & Navaz D’Cruz. ( the book will be available soon)